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Mediation is a process for resolving conflict and coming to an agreement where decision-making remains with the parties. A neutral mediator assists parties in arriving at a mutually acceptable agreement. In contrast to an adversarial proceeding, mediation emphasizes cooperative problem solving and addressing the needs of all involved.

Sometimes you need help having your voice heard when making decisions or during problematic situations.

Advocacy involves action that leads to a specific goal.

Advocacy is one of many possible strategies, or ways to approach a problem.

Advocacy does not necessarily involve confrontation or conflict.

Professional Development:

Through effective employee development, your staff becomes more capable, competent and confident in themselves and their work. This in turn means performance improvement for the employees and increased productivity for the employer. In addition, there are several other benefits 

                  to a personnel development program - Employee Satisfaction,

                  Supervisor/Manager Collaboration & Feedback, Better Organizational Goals 

                  and Productivity.